Love Will Cure Our World

Oh what a priveledge it is to have life.  Oh what a mess we humans seem to be making of it.  Lets find a way of living that allows others this great priveledge, eh :)?  Pce'n'Love



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Waimanu, Big Island, Hawai’i

this is actually my dream. once i was hiking in kauai with my mama and i was probably 13 or so and we met this german lady who was hiking out of the valley and she had no idea what day it was or how long she was out there, and i’ve dreamed of being that sweet lady ever since then :’) looks so magical 

☮ ☽  ☼☯  ॐ ☁ ❉  

I need to go back to Hawaii and I need to go camping there

Taking some time to clean my room. No music, no TV, just me. Just silence.

The last few days have been busy and hectic, filled with school assignments, commitments, and relationships.

And in all of this it is very easy to start seeing your identity as a function of outside elements - what you do, who you spend your time with… But it is important to bring it back inside and reconnect with the ‘you’ or ‘greater-self’ that will withstand all changes. The eternal.

Take some time today to check in, to reconnect. Take some time for silence.

11pm sushi is what makes life sweet ✌️

The ones in the back were complementary mango-yam rolls and were SO freaking good